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Marie has 20-plus years of experience at mid-to-large sized ad agencies in Chicago, Denver and Boulder, Colorado.
Read what clients and co-workers have to say:

"Marie's strengths are a rare mix of the creative and the strategic. Not only is she a stellar writer and inspiring Creative Director, she also has the gift of strategic insight. Her contributions to the business are always grounded in sound strategic thinking and go far beyond just the creative. She is an excellent business partner and is always respectful of her client's viewpoint while gently challenging both her client and herself to come up with the best solutions. If I were assembling a "dream team" to work on a business with me, Marie's name would be at the top of the list."

— Lori Jan Bernstein, Director of Marketing, Bernina of America

"Marie is a terrific writer, able to assume so many unique voices in her writing, but what makes me her biggest fan is her uncanny strategic ability. In fact, the tougher the business problem, the more I want Marie on my team. There's a reason 'star' is in the middle of her name."

—D'Lea Martens, Principal, Tango Strategy

"I love working with Marie. She's one of my favorite writers ever—original, thoughtful and dedicated. Marie can make you laugh with her words and she can write very touching copy—she has a great range—all built on her insightful observations. Marie is a wonderful Creative Director as well, with a highly developed aesthetic, who understands how the look of a piece contributes as much to its success as the idea and the copy. She takes her work seriously but Marie is so fun to have around. Over the years I have recommended Marie to many people and they all end up loving working with her as much as I do."

—Sally Weingartner, Creative Director, DDB Chicago

"She's smart, imaginative and one hell of a writer... Her ability to teach and motivate is something I would, without a doubt, recommend for any position."

—Erin Bosik, copywriter, Sterling-Rice Group

"Marie is a superb Creative Director who brings an incredible amount of passion and vitality to the team. Every project we implemented was enhanced by Marie's thought leadership and commitment to excellence and quality. Further, Marie approached every project strategically to ensure the final outcome would achieve the client's business objectives. This combined focus on creativity and strategy is what makes Marie such an integral team member. Beyond her strategic and creative capabilities, Marie is an exceptionally talented creative writer. Marie developed a unique voice for our client that became a cornerstone of their brand. She was able to bring this voice to life in every communication material we developed: from the most technically-focused brochure to an online advertisement... Marie has many talents, but most importantly she is a great mentor. Through working with Marie, I was able to push my capabilities and creative thinking to much higher levels. Her positive reinforcement, trust and empowerment enabled me to contribute to the team in a much deeper way. Marie's guidance has made a lasting impact on me, and will likely do the same for anyone that has the opportunity to work with her in the future.

—Laura Slavec, Account Director, Sterling-Rice Group

"Marie understands how to create strategy, concepts and good writing for a wide variety of target groups. She puts herself in their heads and talks to them. She is an extremely hard and efficient worker. She is a strong leader."

—Alan W. Webb, Director, Sterling-Rice Group

"Working with Marie was a divine pleasure. It is not often one discovers a writing partner both clever and kind. She made each day fun and every project a joy."

—Tim Rose, Associate Creative Director, Sterling-Rice Group

"Between stints at Hal Riney & Partners and Y&R, I worked briefly at Nahser Advertising. Marie Ostarello was one of the brightest stars there. A terrific writer, smart creative and caring person, she was a delight to work with. Our clients felt the same."

—Marty Kohr, Medill Marketing Communications Faculty at Northwestern University

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